About Us

Who We Are

Our executive leadership is experienced and professional with a clear direction for Hackle Trade International, based on current knowledge of challenges associated with contracting in domestic and international environments. Each member of the executive management team holds unique capabilities and history of success in their specialized fields of operation.

What we do?

Whatever the support needed, however difficult the conditions on the ground or remote the location; Hackle Trade International can provide the services that make the difference.

Our Life Support services range from catering to construction and engineering - including camp buildings and electrical systems.
We can deliver power generation, waste management, camp services including laundry and vehicle hiring, whilst meeting full range of procurement and logistics needs.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality, cost effective products and services. We perform our operations with a focus on safety and quality with the highest levels of integrity. We strive to be the industry leader for innovative temporary facilities and consistently complete the projects and tasks that others consider challenging.